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Fully Managed WordPress Web Hosting $10/per month Get Started
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From $12/per month


Wordpress is the most popular web platform today. Hostadillo supercharges it with fast SSD based storage, big high speed caches and the latest technology. WordPress is our wheelhouse. If you need a fast, powerful WordPress host, you've found it.
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From $25/per month


SuiteCRM is a powerful, modern Customer Relationship Management system. CRM hosting can be complex and confusing. Hostadillo makes CRM simple and fast so that you can focus on making customers happy.
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From $5/per month


No need for a database or content management system? Just need to host static HTML files, but still need them to be fast and managed? Hostadillo has a special service just for you. All the power of Hostadillo's fast hosting and big caches, without the cost of database management.
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SSL Encryption is a necessity for commercial websites today, yet most web hosts charge extra of make SSL complex. Not Hostadillo, every Hostadillo site get SSL included.
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Search Your Domain Name

We don't sell domain names, but you may search availability here.

Our Services

It’s our services that make the difference.  Not just plain hosting leaving you to deal with making it work, we make sure you have the hosting and capabilities that you need.



Security layers, backups and application management help to make your web site safe and secure.

Total Site Management

Hostadillo does not leave you on your own to deploy and maintain your website. Good website management requires technical expertise.

Support Center

Our friendly, expert hosting professionals are always ready to assist you to make sure that your site is running properly.

Offload the Technical Bits

Hostadillo will focus on the technical aspects of your website, so that you can focus on content and business. You have more important things to be doing other than learning about web hosting.

Global Optimization

We put your website near your users. United States, Europe, Asia, Australia: we can help make your site as local as possible to those that need to access it most.

Content Delivery Management

We don't stop with your site, we manage your content delivery network layer a well.

Plans for Every Need

From big shared hosting to dedicated servers to dedicated scale out infrastructure, we have an application and a hosting plan for you. At Hostadillo, we grow as big as you do.



The most popular platform for modern, dynamic websites with powerful editing features.
From $12/per month

SuiteCRM Hosting

A powerful and user friendly customer relationship management system, stop paying per user and start engaging customers.
From $25/per month

Static HTML Hosting

Even simple, static sites benefit from the bandwidth, caches, content delivery features and SSL security that Hostadillo provides.
From $5/per month

Dedicated WordPress VM

Need more power than our shared plans offer, or just want a private machine? No problem.
From $40/per month

Dedicated SuiteCRM VM

Fully managed, private CRM platform to power your business relationships; we have you covered.
From $80/per month

Scale Out Hosting

Need web scaling experts to take your site to unlimited scale? Talk to us about options.
From $500/per month

The Hostadillo Difference

What makes Hostadillo’s web hosting unique and powerful? Why Hostadillo and not one of so many other web hosting services?


Performance, Power and Support

Hostadillo focuses on high performance hosting. Vertical stack expertise and a narrow focus on common, mission critical applications.

Fast Hosting

Web site performance has one of the biggest impacts on user satisfaction. Most web hosts are satisfied with slow or mediocre platform performance and ignore application performance completely, leaving this up to the customer to figure out. Hostadillo knows that you need end to end management to make your site scream and your customers scream (with delight.) We manage your server, your site and even your content delivery network to make your site fast like you've never seen before.

Choice in Hosting Locations

A factor in web performance is how close to your site is physically to your customers. Do you know where other hosts are hosting your site? Do they let you choose a location that makes sense for your needs? We understand that speed matters and for speed, location matters. Currently offering choices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Hostadillo gets your content close to your customers.

End to End Hosting Support

Hostadillo's primary focus is support - total support for your website. We don't stop with just supporting your server, we go all the way and make sure that your application works as it should, help you to diagnose problems, work with you as a partner and provide guidance. Web hosting is complex, but getting your site hosted is not.

Focus on Key Applications

At Hostadillo we don't host just anything. We pick the most valuable tools for your business needs and get to know them so that we can support and accelerate them like nobody else. It's not how many tools we offer, it's that we offer the right ones, with the right services.

High Performance

We push for the fastest web experience possible. We know WordPress and we know servers. We bring the fast web to your users.

Geographical Choices

Host your website where it is needed, not where your web host wants to put it.

Always There Support

Your website is your business and you need someone there to make sure that things are working.

Popular Tools

WordPress, SuiteCRM and more to come. Hostadillo gets you the hosting you need, not features you don't.

The HOSTADILLO Advantage

Hostadillo is unlike traditional hosting, we work hard to create the web hosting that powers  your business.

Fully Managed Hosting

Traditional web hosting means you get a “panel” and have to deploy your own applications, maintain their updates and patches, find appropriate plugins, stay up to date on hosting information, can’t leverage all of your platform’s caching benefits, have to provide your own content delivery network and understand its nuances, configure SSL security, manage your DNS and more.  Not with Hostadillo, we manage your website from top to bottom.

SEO and Design

Premium add on services like SEO, full web design and even content creation services are all available.  Contact us to learn more about how we can take you past just running your website into building your online presence.

Free and Upgraded CloudFlare CDN

We work with CloudFlare’s CDN to improve the performance and security of every site that we host.  For customers looking for even more features, we offer CloudFlare upgrades as well.  Contact us for more information on CloudFlare premium offerings and pricing.

No Lockin, Pay As You Go

Pay as you go service means that you are never trapped with Hostadillo.  We stand by our service and know that our performance and quality are what keep customers, not contracts.

  • Monthly Contracts for Flexibility

Pay by the month for the most flexibility in controlling your site.

  • Annual Discounts

Pay annually for discounts when you are sure you want to stay with us.

  • Volume Discounts

Need more sites?  Don’t pay full price for each one.

Focus on Running Your Business

The time that you spend working on your web hosting is time you are not spending on running your business.  Let Hostadillo focus on your business’ web presence so that you can focus on your organization’s needs instead. You can’t make money if you are stuck managing your web host or are worrying that things are going wrong.


Whether you need advice, design or just someone helping to look over your site for you.

Reach and Promotion

Ready to start advertising? We’ll connect you with the right people to grow your reach.


Not only are we there to help you grow your business, but we are here to grow your web hosting as that business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, reach out to us to ask! But here are some common ones to let you investigate without needing to contact us.

Do you provide web design services?

Hostadillo partners with Predisio Productions who specialize in web design, content management and content creation for the web and for social media.  We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and coordinate a conversation with them and, when your site is ready, we are experienced at working together to provide an integrated hosting solution.

How big can you scale?

Hostadillo engineers have worked on some of the word’s busiest websites and are well prepared to work with you on designing a solution that can meet your needs today, whatever they are, and help you grow to whatever your needs are in the future.  Truly, no site is too busy.

I have a bespoke or special case application, can you host it?

The simple answer is: that depends.  At Hostadillo we do offer custom hosting solutions, so contact us so that we can talk. Our main platform is focused on high performance PHP 7 based applications and we spend much time planning for and preparing for the needs of the applications that we host.  But we have experience in large scale Node.js and other platforms as well and will happily provide information or a quote for you for a bespoke or special case web application hosting.

Do I have to provide an SSL certificate?

No, not only does Hostadillo provide secure web hosting for free, we even handle your SSL certificate for you, free of charge!  You don’t need to do anything, we handle that for you.


Designer, Presidio Productions
Well I guess you're not going to stop bugging me until I make a testimonial. Yeah, yeah, it works well.
IT Guy, Hostadillo
It's what we host our own site on and we like it, so I'm pretty confident that other people will as well.
Rebecca, Web Hosting Fan
If you love websites like I do, you'll love hosting like Hostadillo! They make the web so much faster.